Portfolio Analysis and IP Due Diligence

Our approach to portfolio analysis is founded on a solid understanding of our clients’ business landscape and goals.  Whether a client envisions using its intellectual property aggressively, wants to build an arsenal of defensive patents, wishes to create a package that appeals to specific licensees, or all of the above, it helps to define the business goals and lay out a plan.  Especially for clients with a tight budget, we recommend performing a portfolio analysis to ensure that dollars are spent strategically where they are likely to matter the most.  

Portfolio analysis is commonly performed as part of patent and intellectual property due diligence for a variety of transactions, including licensing and acquisition deals.  Our approach to IP due diligence is similar to portfolio analysis in that it begins with understanding our clients’ business objectives and the nature of the transaction.

Having this understanding allows us not only to identify any problems with a portfolio but also to determine the overall scope and breadth of a portfolio and how well it suits the transaction.